There is an urgent need for us to acknowledge that we are all part of the same cosmic source and all dependant on this fragile little world that is our home. With our persistent abuse of each other and our planet, the nurturing source that gives us life, we set all earthly creation and ourselves on a course of "self-destruct".
Our technology has revealed to us a magnificent beauty beyond what can be seen with the naked eye and, even more, we have come to know that it is all interconnected. My work draws upon these revelations to explore what we know, (the visible world) and what we don't know, (the abstract and the intangible). The intent is to engage the viewer, using some recognizable data, to consider the bigger entice the viewer into realizing the timelless, the transformative, the spiritual .... the intricate entanglement of it all. With a glimpse into the grander scheme of things we may come to understand that we are all constituents of the whole and that, as such, we can and must heal ourselves and our earth.

This is a group of some 25-30 pieces based on the equilateral triangle, a solar symbol representing spirit, divinity, fire, life, prosperity and harmony. The interiors of the triangles themselves are very painstakingly detailed with acrylic paints and gold and silver leaf. After that, they are imposed upon by various outside forces made up of varying materials some of which extend outside their given boundaries onto the mounting itself.. Occasionally the paper that they rest on is pleated, crimped or otherwise manipulated. Outside forces attempt to “possess” the entity while it attempts to maintain its integrity.
My current work digresses somewhat from a longtime involvement with macrocosm/microcosm. While it still touches on those themes, it has become more playful, more colorful, more abstract and less formal. Earlier work addressed a sense of amazement at what technology has uncovered for us in the 20th century by way of exploration in space and the discovery of quantum worlds. Recently my perspective has segued into a more celebratory stance reflecting my decade-long involvement with Spanish dance. Flamenco, is a discipline that, curiously enough, shares the same kind of spiraling and swirling as particles and galaxies. In these pieces my perceptions of the rhythms and energies of inner and outer space have been redesigned, a gesture, perhaps offering a glimpse of the multiple interconnections that link us to other dimensions.